Masters of the Details.

At Klink we thrive on the pressure the big day brings with a "Give It Our All" attitude. Our mission is to flawlessly execute and bring to life your wedding day exactly the way you imagined it.

Full of heart and soul (and a lot of Type A)...we are known for our impeccable service, friendly attitude and our ability to make things happen.

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Hi, I’m Jenifer! I’m a SoCal native, and I’m an event planner with a heart for my husband, my four rad kids, and my main man, Jesus. I love nothing more than a great dance party (alone or with friends), raising a glass to your love, and witnessing your joy on display on one of your biggest days.

 I launched my business years ago because I was bored with corporate events, and I dreamed of spending my days watching people get married. Best. Pivot. Ever. Klink Events has provided me with an endless supply of happiness and fulfillment to plan, coordinate, and execute for my couples. 

Jenifer Eddy

SoCal girl. Everyone’s best friend. Full of heart, soul, and a splash of champagne. 

Some fun facts

CHILDHOOD NICKNAME: ‘Fer (someone thought it was better than “Jen” .....*rolls eyes”)

SPIRIT ANIMAL: Elle Woods…because I can plan a wedding all while being in line for a promotion at work and attending law school.

THINGS I ADORE: Watching people in love, (other people's) babies, Taylor Swift, peanut M&M's, champagne and corgis.

BIGGEST PET PEEVE: Dishes left in the sink


CHAMPAGNE OR TEQUILA: Champagne ….it’s like duct tape…it fixes everything

BEST LESSON FROM MOM SHE STILL LIVES BY TODAY: The grass is only greener where you water it.

FAVORITE THING ABOUT WEDDINGS: When the bride puts her dress on....Goosebumps every time!






Weddings Coordinated

So, let's get down to the numbers!

We've been doing this for awhile now!


Candles Lit

Viels Fluffed

Tissues Handed Out

I love that our team at Klink Events flourishes in the art of "people." I adore all things related to events and creative design. When I'm not working, I love spending time staying active, blasting my favorite music, and exploring new places!

I believe in dreaming big, working hard and making the impossible, reality. I'm a work-a-holic, dance parties make me insanely happy, and any time of day is the perfect time for champagne!

Derek Rodriguez

Outdoorsy guy. Voted mostly likely to save the world (*insert cape
here)*. Full of drive, creativity and always dazzling with a smile.

Some fun facts


Derek in three words: kind, creative, passionate.

Spirit Animal: Turtle

THINGS I ADORE: The ocean, the mountains, staying active

When I'm not at work, look for me:
at the beach, the mountains, or thrifting

CHAMPAGNE OR TEQUILA: Tequila (because what else would you have with tacos?)

BEST "lesson from mom" I still live by today: Make yourself the highest priority

BEST "lesson from mom" I still live by today: Make yourself the highest priority

A wedding is one of the most monumental days a person can have, and I love to bring enthusiasm and passion for making a memorable experience for all. Whether I’m creating my next Reel or adding finishing touches on the big day, there’s nothing I love more than creating beautiful things! I have a secret obsession with content creation and I am always experimenting with something new!

In addition to my passion for weddings, I am also a bridal stylist at a local bridal salon. When I’m not thinking about the next event or styling brides, I enjoy going to concerts, crafting, and going out for sushi!

Bella Gonzalez

Life of the party, country music lovin’ OC Gal who was born to dance. Loyal, supportive, and always looking to make you laugh.

Some fun facts


Spirit Animal: golden retriever  because of my loyalty, reliable support and compassion for others…and they cute!)

THINGS I ADORE: Human kindness, Babies, and Love 

Biggest Pet Peeve: lack of manners (gahhhhh)

Guilty Pleasure: going to coffee shops 

When I'm not at work, look for me: in Laguna Beach 

Most Loathed Chore: dishes 

Pizza or Tacos: pizza forever!

Katherine Beth Photography

We are for the all goofy,
champagne popping, in love couples. 



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