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Specializing in wedding coordination catering to the modern-day couple that is (mostly) planning their own wedding...Because it's likely your venue requires one...and
we're absolutely sure you need one!

Our philosophy is to create an experience for our couples that is organized and supportive…but also friendly and friend! We’ll be the life of the party while you be the guest of honor.

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We are coordinators for all the goofy,
champagne popping, in love couples. 

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At Klink, our mission is to create an exceptional client experience that is organized and supportive, but also friendly and fun! We'll be the life of the party while you be the guest of honor. We thrive on the pressure the
big day brings with a "Give It Our All" attitude..

 Full of heart and soul (and a lot of Type A)...we are known for our impeccable service, friendly attitude and our ability to make things happen.

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Core Values?

Oh yeah, we got 'em!

Be genuine. Be real.
Be yourself. Own your uniqueness. Embrace who you are, even if being Type-A feels “crazy”.

Because love is the heart of what we do! We believe in inclusion, diversity, and equality for all.

Good times are more fun with good people. Create energy that people want to be around like a comforting, old friend who welcomes us in with a smile and makes us feel at home.

When the going gets tough, maintain our composure with a “grace under fire approach”and handle it all with poise and confidence.

With a can-do, will-do attitude, we will serve others humbly, with kindness and in ways that honors them and ourselves.






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"My wife hired Jen as our wedding coordinator. To be honest, I wasn't even sure what a wedding coordinator did, but I am very thankful that my wife hired Jen for our wedding because Jen took control of all the logistical headache of coordinating with our vendors and allowed my wife to relax, and in turn, me to relax. She also somehow magically appeared with medicine and food during the wedding when I got sick. On top of that, Jen is friendly, organized and very professional. Jen is the best!"

 ~ Eric

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On the day of my wedding, I was even more relieved to have found her! After the ceremony, my husband wasn't feeling very well and was having stomach pains. She immediately came to the rescue with medicine, food (which she went to the chef and asked him to prepare specifically for us), and some much needed cocktails. As the evening went on, Jen again came to the rescue when my mom decided to take charge of the evening and deviate from the timeline of events to host her own tea ceremony during our reception. I did not see or hear most of the things that Jen or any of my vendors were doing - and I attribute that to Jen doing such an amazing job! She worked behind the scenes to create the perfect day forme and my husband, so that I didn't have to worry about anything and was allowed the gift of enjoying our party! I would recommend Jen in a heartbeat to anyone who is looking for a wedding coordinator that knows what she is doing, is warm and personable, shares in your excitement, and goes above and beyond to make your day feel special. Thank you, Jen!!"

~ Rochelle

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"Jenifer really loves what she does, and it definitely shows in her work. She is very detail oriented and it helps the planning process go super smoothly. She provides all the tools for the couple to provide her what is needed so that she can execute the perfect day for you. She gives plenty of recommendations should you need any. And day of you literally do not need to worry about anything. She has it all covered. She also makes sure you are fed and not thirsty. Talk about taking care of her client. I would 100% recommend her for your wedding day!"

~ Amanda

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"When I think back to our wedding day I could not be more happy with the way it turned out. I met Jenifer for the first time (in-person) at our design meeting. Jenifer's first impression was an accurate interpretation of the quality of service she would soon provide for us on our special day. She was calm, personable, organized, and detail orientated. What else could you ask for in a wedding coordinator?! Our wedding day was made complete by her ability to bring all that we had envisioned to fruition. She executed every last detail to the extent, or better, that I could have hoped for, while also allowing my husband and I to enjoy the night to its completeness. Jenifer's love for her clients and what she does was evident in her prompt expert advice and delivery of an easy-flowing wedding day. I recommend Jenifer and Klink Events without hesitation and still feel so blessed to have had such an amazing coordinator!!

~ Ariana

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"Jenifer is absolutely divine and she was the best vendor I worked with on my wedding day!
Jenifer is everything you want in a day-of coordinator. The week leading up to the wedding and the day-of was
one of the craziest week of my life and Jenifer was like my fairy godmother. She was so sweet and accommodating
to whatever came her way. She coordinates with each of your vendor to make sure everything is done
to how you want it, and she has a very detailed timeline on the day-of to make sure your wedding day runs on schedule
and as planned. Jenifer constantly checked-in on me and I am so appreciative of all her hard work.
Do yourself a HUGE favor and hire Jenifer. She is AMAZING and worth it!"

~ Josephine

BRB Currently Blushing

"Jenifer was simply amazing! I honestly wasn’t going to hire a wedding coordinator because of my husband and
I had a budget already set aside for DJ, photography & videography and hadn’t really factored in a coordinator
so it would have to come from that, but when it came down to it - our venue required day of coordination.
And I am SO glad we did it. Not only did she keep us on track day of, but she helped us leading up to the day and
thought of so many little things that we had either forgot about or didn’t even think of to begin with.
She coordinated with our vendors and put together the day of timeline, and even factored in extra time for traffic
which was necessary (we got married on a Friday at 5pm). Our entire wedding party and family loved her.
She was such a pleasure to work with and we would definitely hire her again."

~ Kelsey

BRB Currently Blushing

"Jen was the best addition to my wedding experience that I didn’t know I needed. She effortlessly coordinated the rehearsal and went over every last detail that was necessary with me. Then spent the rest of her time on every last detail that I didn’t need to be involved in just to make sure it was perfect, flawless, and Doug and I could just enjoy the day! She has the most calming personality, is very knowledgeable, and organized. I can’t say enough good things except contact her and book immediately."

~ Carly

We are for the all goofy,
champagne popping, in love couples. 



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