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W H O   W E   A R E...

SoCal Girls. Masters of the Details. 
At Klink we thrive on the pressure the big day brings with a "Give It Our All" attitude.
Our mission is to flawlessly execute and bring to life your wedding day exactly
the way you imagined it.

Full of heart and soul (and a lot of Type A)...we are known for our impeccable service, friendly attitude and our ability to make things happen.

Jenifer Eddy - Leader of the Squad

  • Bored with Corporate Events, she dreamed of spending her days watching people get married
  • Multi-tasker and problem solver extraordinaire
  • Funny, kind, dedicated...and a little mischievous
  • Everyone's best friend
  • Falls while standing still
  • Mom to 4 rad humans, wife of 1 incredible man

CHILDHOOD NICKNAME: ‘Fer (someone thought it was better than “Jen” .....*rolls eyes”)

SPIRIT ANIMAL: Monica Geller….because of her excessive need to be clean and organized; also Elle Woods…because she can plan a wedding all while being in line for a promotion at work and attending law school.

THINGS SHE ADORES: Mr. Eddy, her 4 kiddos, her tribe, being kind, watching people in love, (other people's) babies, solo dance parties in her car, Tom Petty, peanut M&M's, pizza, champagne, corgis…and her man Jesus Christ. 

BIGGEST PET PEEVE: Dishes left in the sink


MOST LOATHED CHORE: Putting away the laundry 

CHAMPAGNE OR TEQUILA: Champagne ….it’s like duct tape…it fixes everything

PIZZA OR TACOS: Pizza is life

WHEN SHE DANCES, SHE LOOKS LIKE: Cha Cha DiGregorio (lollzzzz only after too many champagnes)

BEST LESSON FROM MOM SHE STILL LIVES BY TODAY: The grass is only greener where you water it.

FAVORITE THING ABOUT WEDDINGS: When the bride puts her dress on....Goosebumps every time!



Kiley McDaniel

  • Esthetician turned wedding coordinator
  • Independent, witty, passionate
  • Crime show enthusiast
  • Probably has a cup of coffee in her hand 


SPIRIT ANIMAL: Daria Morgendorffer.... goes against fashion trends, is highly intellectual, stands up for what she believes in, a little cynical and a lot sarcastic growing up in a upper middle class suburb.

THINGS SHE ADORES: Small animals, a good book, face masks, murder podcasts, jasmine tea, peonies, truffle fries, and Old Fashions.

BIGGEST PET PEEVE: People who talk during movies and slow drivers

GUILTY PLEASURE: Pretty much any musical

MOST LOATHED CHORE: Taking out the trash bins

CHAMPAGNE OR TEQUILA: Whiskey girl at heart, but tequila if she HAS to choose


WHEN SHE'S DANCING, SHE LOOKS LIKE: She don't care who’s lookin'...

BEST “LESSON FROM MOM” SHE STILL LIVES BY TODAY:  Love unconditionally, don't be afraid to take risks, always be aware of your surroundings, and there is not much a glass of champagne can't fix

FAVORITE THING ABOUT WEDDINGS:  The unique, small details that the couple adds to make it personable to them....also...CAKE. 


Liz Rudd

  • Kinesiology major turned to crazy wedding lady
  • Dedicated, kind, and fun
  • Desert girl & a twin sister
  • Future wife to the best man a girl can ask for 


SPIRIT ANIMAL: Brooke Davis (One Tree Hill)... because she never settled for anything less than she deserved. And of course Monica Geller, because excessive cleaning & organization is just common sense.

THINGS SHE ADORES: My fiancé, my business partner/twin sister, in-home spa days, a good movie, and food. Any kind of food. 

BIGGEST PET PEEVE: That laundry is never really finished...


MOST LOATHED CHORE:  Doing dishes 

CHAMPAGNE OR TEQUILA:  Champagne for the win, but red wine has my heart.

PIZZA OR TACOS: Pizza, with pineapple...yes she said it.

WHEN SHE DANCES, SHE LOOKS LIKE: Carlton from Fresh Prince

BEST "LESSON FROM MOM" SHE STILL LIVES BY TODAY:  "You only have one life, might as well do everything that you want to do, even if it scares you."