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Your Go-To D.O.C's.

SoCal Girls. Masters of the Details. Inspired by Love. 
At Klink we thrive on the pressure the big day brings with a "Give It Our All" attitude. 
Our mission is to flawlessly execute and bring to life your wedding day exactly the way you envisioned it.


We are known for our impeccable service, friendly attitude and our ability to make things happen!

Jenifer Eddy - Leader of the Squad

  • Funny, kind, dedicated
  • Multi-tasker and problem solver extraordinaire
  • Falls while standing still
  • Paranoid to be at home alone (too much Criminal Minds over the years…everyone is an unsub). She literally sleeps with a shank under her pillow
  • Mom to 4 rad humans, wife of 1 incredible man

CHILDHOOD NICKNAME: ‘Fer (someone thought it was better than “Jen” .....*rolls eyes”)

SPIRIT ANIMAL: Monica Geller….because of her excessive need to be clean and organized; also Elle Woods…because she can plan a wedding all while being in line for a promotion at work and attending law school.

THINGS SHE ADORES: Mr. Eddy, her 4 kiddos, her tribe, being kind, watching people in love, (other people's) babies, solo dance parties in her car, Tom Petty, peanut M&M's, pizza, champagne, corgis…and her man Jesus Christ. 

BIGGEST PET PEEVE: Dishes left in the sink

GUILTY PLEASURE: Taco Bell and on-line shopping

MOST LOATHED CHORE: Putting away the laundry 

CHAMPAGNE OR TEQUILA: Champagne ….it’s like duct tape…it fixes everything

PIZZA OR TACOS: Pizza is life

WHEN SHE DANCES, SHE LOOKS LIKE: Cha Cha DiGregorio (lollzzzz only after too many champagnes)

BEST LESSON FROM MOM SHE STILL LIVES BY TODAY: The grass is not greener on the other side...the grass is only greener where you water it.

FAVORITE THING ABOUT WEDDINGS: When the bride puts her dress on....Goosebumps every time!

Kiley McDaniel

  • Independent, witty, passionate
  • Crime show enthusiast
  • Esthetician turned wedding coordinator
  • Probably has a cup of coffee in her hand 


SPIRIT ANIMAL: Daria Morgendorffer.... goes against fashion trends, is highly intellectual, stands up for what she believes in, a little cynical and a lot sarcastic growing up in a upper middle class suburb.

THINGS SHE ADORES: Small animals, a good book, face masks, murder podcasts, jasmine tea, peonies, truffle fries, and Old Fashions.

BIGGEST PET PEEVE: People who talk during movies and slow drivers

GUILTY PLEASURE: Pretty much any musical

MOST LOATHED CHORE: Taking the trash bins out

CHAMPAGNE OR TEQUILA: Whiskey girl at heart, but tequila if she HAS to choose


WHEN SHE'S DANCING, SHE LOOKS LIKE: She don't care who’s lookin'...

BEST “LESSON FROM MOM” SHE STILL LIVES BY TODAY:  Love unconditionally, don't be afraid to take risks, always be aware of your surroundings, and there is not much a glass of champagne can't fix

FAVORITE THING ABOUT WEDDINGS:  The unique, small details that the couple adds to make it personable to them....also...CAKE. 

Terra Concordia

  • Uncoordinated, fun, and loving 
  • Desert girl
  • Dog mom AF to Riley
  • Avid internet researcher of anything and everything 


SPIRIT ANIMAL: Jessica Day from New Girl - a quirky, fun sweet, relatively responsible adult, always willing to look at the bright side of any situation. But at the same time, not afraid to be myself, even if it means that it sets me apart from the group. 


BIGGEST PET PEEVE: Inconsiderate people

GUILTY PLEASURE: Oreo McFlurrys and Doritos

MOST LOATHED CHORE: Folding laundry, don’t ask her to do it because she won’t 


PIZZA OR TACOS: Pizza forever 

WHEN SHE DANCES, SHE LOOKS LIKE: A fool (her words lolz)

BEST "LESSON FROM MOM" SHE STILL LIVES BY TODAY: Don’t over tweeze your eyebrows and clean as you go while cooking