Day of Wedding Coordinator

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SoCal Girls. Masters of the Details. Inspired by Love. 
At Klink we thrive on the pressure the big day brings with a "Give It Our All" attitude. 
Our mission is to flawlessly execute and bring to life your wedding day exactly the way you envisioned it. 

We are known for our impeccable service, friendly attitude and our ability to make things happen!

Jenifer Eddy - Leader of the Squad

Always the social butterfly, Jenifer has been attending and planning events for as long as she can remember. She learned the art of hospitality and planning from her years as a corporate events planner (Ketel One Vodka, the PGA, Michael Buble, Vans, SpaGirl Cocktails). Over the years, Jenifer has polished her wedding coordinating skills and continues to work hard to understand her client's individual needs. If you ask any of her past clients or vendors, they will tell you Jenifer's demeanor is grace under fire, friendly and focused. She is a wife and mother, a fast driver, and falls while standing still. She has been known to eat her weight in pizza and peanut M&M's. Her loud laugh and big smile are contagious. 

While planning her own wedding, something clicked and realized there was a growing need for "day-of" wedding coordinators. She embraced the planner inside and all the fun that comes along with that...her perfectionism, her organizational skills, her obsession for all things pretty, her need to organize everything and lastly her constant search for a good time.

Spirit Animals: Monica Geller (her excessive need to be clean and organized) and Elle Woods (she can plan a wedding while being in line for a promotion at work all while attending law school).

Things She Adores: Mr. Eddy, her 4 kiddos, her soul tribe, being kind, watching people in love, (other people's) babies, solo dance parties in her car, Tom Petty, peanut M&M's, peanut butter cookies, corgis...and her man Jesus Christ.