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Affordable Bachelorette Getaways Are Possible — Here's How


If you’ve ever been in a bridal party, you know how much fun you can have celebrating the bride, surrounded by your best friends. There are engagement parties to attend, bridal showers to throw, dresses and shoes to shop for, and gifts to buy. But all that celebrating adds up. And if it’s a bachelorette getaway the bride wants, you risk breaking the bank. Luckily, there are a lot of ways to cut costs without sacrificing fun, starting with these tips:


Tip 1 - Closer isn’t always cheaper


When it comes to saving money, our first thought is to stick close to home — somewhere you can drive instead of fly. But if one of the other bridesmaids’ parents have a vacation home you can use for free, even a cross-country flight may be less costly than gas plus lodging. Moreover, popular destinations typically offer more affordable hotel options than smaller towns, as well as reasonably priced food, beverages, and activities. As an added bonus, flights to these destinations are always “on sale” because they’re year-round tourist attractions.




Tip 2 - Cheaper isn’t always cheaper


Just because you paid a few dollars less per night on that hotel doesn’t mean you saved money. If your budget hotel doesn’t include continental breakfast or WiFi, for example, you and the rest of your group will be footing the bill for an extra meal each day and extra data usage. And if it’s near the airport, but further away from daytime activities and nightlife, you’ll likely spend a lot more on transportation getting to and fro. In the long run, it may actually be less expensive to book a higher-priced hotel if it’s in the right location and has the right perks.





Tip 3 - Ditch the hotel altogether


Nobody says you have to stay in a hotel for your bachelorette party. In fact, you might save a little money and have more space to move around by checking into a vacation rental property. What’s more, a rental property could put you right in the middle of the action in Orange County, depending on where you want to stay. For example, Turnkey reminds that Irvine offers plenty of beaches for those who want to kick back and relax near the ocean, while Laguna Beach has countless spas and health resorts at your beck and call. Getting a rental property in a neighborhood that appeals to everyone’s interests also means you can cut down on the cost of transportation to and from the places you want to visit.



Tip 4 - Split everything


When traveling with a group, shared expenses like gas and cab fare are usually split on a rotating basis. You know, “I’ll get this one. You get the next one.” Unfortunately, that’s not always fair. You risk hurting someone’s feelings (or ego.) And keeping track of who paid what last is confusing. There is a way to make sure no one ends up with a $60 bar tab compared to someone else’s $20 beer run. To keep it easy and fair, you can either divvy up every expense between everyone who participates and have them pay cash right then, or you can have everyone contribute to a kitty and pay for shared expenses from the available funds.




Tip 5 - Go all-inclusive


Sure, the term “all-inclusive getaway” sounds extravagant. In reality, combining all your expenses can save you more than any other tip on this list. How? Because they are getting all your business, resorts can afford to cut prices on food, drinks, and nightly room rates. So when you see a Facebook ad for “3 Nights in Cabo for $399,” go ahead and click. It sounds too good to be true, but it’s not. In many cases, these deals even include airfare.




Tip 6 - Save at home while you’re away


A little savvy at home can save you some pretty significant cash. Simple energy hacks like turning up the thermostat, turning the water heater to “vacation mode,” and unplugging “vampire electronics” to keep them from using power even when off can save you more than a few dollars on your power bill. Just don’t do anything that will put your home security at risk. According to Ordinary Traveler, you should still leave a light on, keep the lawn mowed, and set the alarm. Of course, if you live with a roommate, you have a little less flexibility. But you can still leave your toiletries at home and use what is provided at the hotel, and cut your grocery budget to account for the time you’ll be away.


Let’s face it. Getting married is expensive — and not just for the bride and groom! However, being a part of a friend or family member’s big day is important, and those memories will be worth every penny, spent and saved.




Guest blog post by Aimee Lyons


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